March Wrap-Up

“The hardest opponent you will ever face is yourself.”

This is my own point of view during March 2008. This month, a lot of things happened that was unexpected and somehow shocking in a way. A lot of things that are very much awaited also happened. Life sure is unpredictable. You don’t know whether or not it will give us what we want or what we don’t want. What we are expecting to happen or something that is unexpected. Wow, I think I’m beginning to be redundant. Hahahaha.

Sorry, but life sure is definitely unpredictable. Nothing can ever change its course. No one can spin its wheel and take control of its destination. Every life is a boat, a car, an airplane. Depends on your travel preference.

There are humps or a flock of flying birds to pass by, but then, we can’t determine who is truly the passer-by. Us or them. When we meet someone on the road, we always greet them (which actually does not apply to Setonians, we just look at each other, think if we should greet or just pass by, and nothing else.) and try to catch up with whatever is happening in their lives. But then, a question pops up. Why do we even bother to know the lives of other people?

“Smart people learn from¬†experience but smarter people learn from others’ experience.”

Yup. This quote says it all.

As I have lived my life in March, I really determined a lot of difficulties that are in store for me in the future, and also I have determined what I was supposed to be doing in order to face them, a preparation stage, perhaps.

I am also glad to say, that I have jumped over a lot of humps, ledges and fences on the road. Why the hell is there a fence in the middle of the road?

I am not, however, sure if I took the right roads when it comes to intersection. I have not determined if the intersection I took during June 2007 was a good one. So far its going well, but a lot of books and online writings say that it is not. One thing is for sure, though. All roads intersect and are connected, maybe I’ll get back on that main road I took or maybe not. Who knows?

So far, my life in March has been a bumpy road (I prefer to walk on my life rather than ride a car or a boat or an airplane). A lot of obstacles, projects, exams, and all other school stuff. I also met new people, but I am not sure if we are friends or not, I haven’t even spoke to them, only one though. His name is Jay, and all I ever said to him was something about our piece to be played on the commencement ceremonies of the current 4th Year (batch 2007-2008). Yup, maybe next year I will be able to befriend them, if ever they are also the ones that will accompany us on the next graduation.

Before I continue, I would like to greet congratulations to all graduates of 2008 ~ whether you are a March-ian or an Octoberian ~ !

A lot of school things mainly happened in March, since it is the month before summer vacation. The Holy Week seem to just pass by fast. I didn’t actually feel it. I thought that they were days that are filled with quietude and peace. I don’t actually know why but that is how I felt my Holy Week. Wonder how yours went?

No matter. It’s my life that we’re talking about, not yours. Hahahaha. LOL.

As the days in March pass by, the summer heat getting on my nerves, indulging myself with cold treats, using the computer for leisure or to simply while away my time, I learned and realized a lot of things about myself and my class. THAT part is confidential. Hahahaha.

On the last day of March, I recieved my report card. And guess what? I am a first honor! Whoo! Yeah, right! I am supposed to be a first honor (green merit card holder), but because of stupid math, I didn’t even get a white. (3rd honors = white; 2nd honors = yellow).

Oh well, maybe to compete with myself, because of all the outside force or stimuli or influences, is probably the hardest part of my life. Well, I can’t think of a life that you don’t have to compete with yourself. Maybe this is everyone’s greatest battle. A life that doesn’t have to compete with itself is probably a boring life. Don’t you agree?

Wrapping things up, March was a march, not as deadly as the Death March, but a march that has ended, and a new road opens for me in April.

Hope to post again soon!


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