Thank God

It’s April! April Fools Day just went by without me noticing. Hahaha. I haven’t have had much of a laugh during that day, since I was still depressed (a little) about my almost-green card dilemma. Nakakapanghinayang lang at hindi ko minabuti ang pag-aaral ko sa math. GAH!

However, as I was channel surfing, I passed by several shows that caught my attention. Beauty and the Geek, The Biggest Loser, and American Idol. As you can see, all of these shows are gameshows. Hahaha.

Beauty and the Geek is about a batch of beautiful women and geeky guys who are asked to live in a mansion to be able to help each other learn more about the “in” fashion -for the geeks- and to be able to learn – the beauties. The Biggest Loser, is a competition for fat people to lose weight. The one who lost most wins and American Idol, as everyone knows, is a competition that showcases singing talents of various American people -bye bye, Malubay…

Anyways, as I watch their current episodes, I became thankful of what I am today. Thank God I am not dumb, geeky, terribly fat, or a bad singer -I don’t do demos to prove it.

Recently, I saw a play in Greenbelt entitled: Altar Boyz. Yes, It is a weird title for a play, but it is all about religion: Catholicism. It was a unique mixture of pop, rap, rock, jazz, and other types of songs to persuade Catholics on being proud to be Catholic and to persuade them to prevent doing and making sin. The lead roles play Matthew, Mark, Luke, John (the four Gospels) and Abraham. They are five, and they are the only ones who do the play, with the help of musicians of course.

Well, after watching their play, I learned that I should really thank God for making me who I am. For making me as me. For bringing me to this world to experience His greatness.

I close my post with this quote I got from the play.

“Being yourself is never a choice.”


P.S. Dashboard changed its appearance… Nice… >:D


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