Summer Wrap-Up

Hello everyone! Yes, i know it’s been long since I last posted. I haven’t even posted anything during May.

Well, there isn’t a lot of things that happened to me during May and June (so far) except for the life-changing experiences. I prefer not to post those experiences here, so let’s just call it “rehab”.

Unfortunately, I missed about four to five summer meetings in chamberwinds which was so bad because chamber meetings are always fun. But then, if I hadn’t missed those meetings, I wouldn’t have experienced the “rehab”. So I conclude that for every single thing you want to get, you must give something of equal value away. (Kinda got this from Yuuko Ichihara from xXxHolic.)

Well, I updated my multiply site: It was kind of fun searching for themes and stuff. I couldn’t help myself but express some things online. Ahahaha. I lost my formal touch in writing. But who cares?

I also stopped playing ragnarok for a while. It was rather boring not having anyone to share the experience with, since most of my fellow players stopped playing as well. So I started playing The Sims 2 again, only this time with only one expansion pack. I really think that having all of the expansion packs installed again when I just installed it for my leisure only – when I play the Sims 2, I play it by heart. hehe. – would be a total drag and it will accumulate too many hard drive space – especially that I only have 48.8 gb hard drive disk space. well now I stopped playing the sims 2 and started to learn more about myself.

Although, I kind of got carried away with downloading custom content for the sims 2, and I really want those custom content… so I uploaded them in an online file sharing: I’ll post the link on an update. (Currently, the first batch is 60% completely uploaded).

I also had a fun time with anime this summer. i watched a new series (for me) entitled: Kyou Kara Maou! (God Save Our King!) -which is, said by some people, a little bit yaoi, but it isn’t really yaoi. There’s just a lot of Shounen there. My sister falls in love with them quickly. I also enjoyed watching American Idol on QTV. Congratulations, David Cook and David Archuleta! you both did great!

I missed Joanne’s birthday, which is also Gino’s birthday, last May 23rd. I tried calling her but the answering machine always answers. Maybe they went out of town? Anyways, Happy Birthday, Joanne~!
Hurrah! I’m already enrolled in seton! I wonder which section I landed on? To tell you the truth, I kind of wanted to stay out of the cream/creme/star section for a while. I really did a bad thing last schoolyear that I really regret doing. I’m going to apologize to my teacher this schoolyear, first thing that i will do once I stepped on the catwalk of seton. Except if I am late or she/he’s absent, of course.

By the way, I have bought a lot of things this summer, and I just used up all of my allowance on those stuff. But I’m saving up for an external hard disk, and that’s where I’ll be installing my complete sims 2. ahahah! plug and unplug – I’ll have the sims 2 and remove it from my computer automatically without problem!

My sister is already enrolled in St. Scholastica’s College with BS and AB Psychology as her course. (5 more years of study for her. Hahahaha! )

Let’s see.. what else happened during May-today? hmm..

I’m guessing that that’s all of it. Fortunately, there aren’t any frustrations that I undergone. Sooo…

Smile! Why? Because I learned a lot this summer and even though I wasn’t able to have my summer getaway, I have surely appreciated it very well.

Good Luck to future graduates and to the nearing schoolyear! -Wow, I am already in 3rd Yr High. That’s just plain WAW.

***UPDATE 1***

Well, all of my custom content was divided into three rar files. you will need WinRar to UnRar them. 🙂

Here’s the link to the first batch of my custom content in the sims 2: DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE! [ask permission through the comments with email address]

***UPDATE 2***

here’s the second batch:

***UPDATE 3***

here’s the third and final batch:


NOOOOO!!!! These links no longer work!! T_T

I’ll just have to re-download them again… T_T


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