Social Etiquette: Eating Out

So here’s the deal, I can’t help but get irritated with people that I happen to eat with or the people seating around me that doesn’t get the point about eating out and are simply rude when i put myself in the shoes of the waiter/waitress and other staff.

So I decided to post something about it. So here it is.

1) Call the Waiter/Waitress by his/her name. They don’t wear that name tag for nothing. Imagine you being called with a mouth whistle or a ‘pssst’. Quite irritating, right? It isn’t really nice calling other people a different name. That’s one of the reasons people have names. To make yourself distinct and unique.

2) Be polite when ordering your food. They’re the ones that are going to prepare the food for you, not YOU. Know your place. It’s simply similar to asking someone else to make food for you. You shouldn’t act like a prima donna. Even if you’re the customer, you still have to be polite. How would you react if someone asked you a favor and demanded it done immediately?

3) Wait patiently. Do not try to make any fuss over a delayed food. You asked a favor, you wait for it. You’re not their boss, you’re simply there to have their work. YOU ARE NOT THERE TO BE SERVED EVEN IF IT LOOKS LIKE IT. If your food is taking a bit long, just wait and ask the waiter/waitress to follow up your order and not ask them to make their service faster. Also, if you are already hungry when you ordered, JUST WAIT. The staff are doing their best to make your stay great with making your food delicious. If you’re still waiting in the line, JUST WAIT FOR YOUR TURN. If you’re already hungry, don’t get cranky. It’s kind of your fault that you are eating out and want a fast service but you still eat at a restaurant full of people.

4) Eat to your left. Drink to your right. You should always put your drinks to the right side and your silverware (spoon and fork) to the left. This is one way of helping make room if you have company.

5) Don’t talk when your mouth is full… so is when the restaurant’s full. It’s ok to chat with someone who is with you, but make sure you have a soft voice and that you are not chewing, especially when on the phone. You don’t want anyone else to get a scoop on your latest gossip and you don’t want everyone to know about your private life. You also don’t want to have crumbs of your lobster termidor scattered all over the table, and even in your drink… what’s worse is in your company’s drink.

6) Never eat like there’s no tomorrow. There are other people who wishes to eat in the restaurant that you are in, too. Don’t take your time. The next customer might be you the next time around. It is excusable if you reserved the place or at least the table.

7) If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Don’t order the staff to find you a great location because you don’t like hot places. FIND ONE FOR YOURSELF. However, if there isn’t any place suitable to your taste, wait until someone assists you or call for help. Make sure that you talk to them politely. If you’re allergic or dislike the food that they provide, DON’T EAT THERE. Find a different place, instead of forcing yourself to eat something you don’t want. If there’s a commotion, DON’T JOIN IN. If the service is completely slow and unnerving, JUST STEP OUT. Take your money back then go politely. NEVER TELL THE STAFF THAT THEIR SERVICE IS STUPID OR ANYTHING SIMILAR.

8 ) Leave the place like how you entered it. After eating, make sure that the place you used is clean, exluding the plates and other wares you have used. Just make sure that everything is neat and tidy, and call for the waiter/waitress to clean it up BEFORE you leave. Check your belongings and go, with or without a tip.

Well, that’s just about it. If I remember something suddenly, I’ll just update this post. I hope that the readers will be able to follow this and observe proper etiquette. :3


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