First out of Two Hundred

Hello! Today is the first day of school. (Two Hundred = total number of school days based on Phil DepEd).

Im not really sure if Im fortunate or unfortunate when I was still a part of the cream of the crap. It was a little bit surreal. Seeing my grades before, I can’t help but see it as a dream and that some time later I’ll wake up and that my real section is Cotabato City (because that’s the Chamber Section… hahaha).

New schoolyear, new beginnings, new teachers, new laws. Yes, laws. Somehow, there are some changes with some policies in the school that I can feel, but it isn’t actually written. Probably, yet. I feel something different. Or is it the comfort rooms? ahahaha

Anyways, I think the new scheduling is a bit cool, but a bit ugly too. I don’t want frequent double periods! I only want fun and fun in everything I do.

As usual, teachers introduce themselves and we are asked to introduce ourselves, too. It’s a give and take process, but it was kind of great that some teachers didn’t want us to introduce ourselves but simply introduced himself. (Introduce is being redundant here, sorry.) We were also asked to right or say our expectations for the class, subject, teacher and ourselves. Everyone writes down so quickly, like they know what to write, I thought I was left thinking. So I immediately thought of something, but then it struck me.

I hadn’t been myself lately. I don’t know who I am anymore. I think I have too many alter egos that I don’t really know which one is real and which one was the alter ego. Was that time the real me or was it an alter ego? Im not sure. I really wanted to know.

Time passes by so quickly. I HAVE to write something down…

In the end, I wrote a typical writing that anyone who is knowledgeable enough will write such a thing down on their paper. I WAS FRUSTRATED AT MYSELF.

I didn’t want to lose hope. I just hoped that my classmates will be open and accept me for who I am, an alter ego or not. I feel like Im invisible whenever Im with them…

Hopefully, things will change as the year starts…


One Response to “First out of Two Hundred”

  1. Hindi kaya to bago! nung first day pa to eh. UPDAAAAAAAATEEEEEEEEE!

    Comment ko. 😛 Daya mo. :))

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