Lights & Shadows

Just after the thought of the class being suspended because of the storm, I never actually thought that something so sad could’ve happened. A boat, Princess of the Stars, has sunk with more than 700 people, and all were found dead (correct me if I’m wrong). It was pretty reckless for me to think such a thing. And so, I prayed for all the souls that died at sea. I concluded that there is really something good in every bad, but there is no bad in every good. Moving on…

The rain fell down and glided by the windowsill, the trees swayed savagely with the wind, and the scream of the raging winds went by. I couldn’t face the fact that there is really a storm, outside and inside of me.

I know that this is pretty emo, but considering my situation, I have never believed myself to end up like this. I am torn between two things. Good and Evil. Re-reading my recent post, I have felt different feelings stir inside me. It’s just that I am so stupid when it comes to speaking up. I just don’t feel like making my company feel guilty. I want my company to always be happy, forgetting about what I truly feel. But then, if I am angry, I want them to be sorry for what they have done wrong. Again, Good and Evil.

I don’t understand myself anymore, should I open up or should I just go with the flow? Wearing my mask made me someone that I don’t even understand. I want people to be happy, even if I am sad.

Tears glided down my cheeks, I swayed with the winds of time, ones that made me move on, ones that kept me on my feet, even if their really savage on me, and I screamed with it, removing all the pains that I felt through the years.

Looking back, I know that I didn’t do anything wrong, so why do they still do such cruel things? It’s the start of a new schoolyear, and I don’t know where my destination is. I want to leave them, but I would lose some benefits, benefits that would help me all through out my life, but my life in high school will be depressing.

When there is light, an object casts a shadow, when there is shadow, there is light.

Reading this completely enlightened me. (It’s pretty stupid though, since I wrote that down.. ehehehe). I just thought that they’re the object, who casted a shadow on me, but I’m pretty sure that there will be light somewhere, somehow. I still have a chance for my very own Happy Ever After (fairy tale? hahaha!). Also looking at my blog’s subtitle, “The sun has set, but it will surely rise tomorrow”, I’m pretty sure you get the idea.

Special thanks to Janmarie and Lorraine. You guys rock! Also, thanks to: Joanne, Natassia, Ida, Balbi (KEEP MOVING FORWARD, dude!), Roman, and Chesca for being there, no matter what. 😀

Here’s another note for THEM (sorry, I don’t know any other pronoun more polite than this…):

I’m ready for forgiving.


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