.simple yet so profound.

“To love is the greatest thing a man can do unto others”

Yup, this says it all. I’ve been reading Illuminations lately, and I’ve been illuminated with a lot of things. I take back everything I’ve said for the past two posts. I’m gonna live my life like there’s no tomorrow! I shouldn’t let their careless actions unto me make my life miserable. I dwell too much on what other people think and decide that what they say is true. Now, I have come to realize that that is a complete NO-NO. I’ve been doing this for years, trying to prove them wrong, but I always end up on the same place – where I have started. I’m going around in circles. I’ll try to change my destination.

As what the statement says, I will love every single thing about them and everything around me. I’m going to love them for what they are and what they do. I’ll appreciate them for all my life and do good unto them, even if they do something bad unto me. I know that it sounds gay, but it is the right thing to do as a Catholic. I’ve been illuminated by reading the Holy Bible and books that are somehow similar.

This is my post for today. Maybe I’ll update, Maybe not. Talk to you again next time!


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