Inevitable – inescapable

They are so inevitable. Hahaha. we had a vocabulary development session in our english class today. It was rather impeccable. It wasn’t nasty nor putrid, but not tranquil and serene.

Anyways.. back to my post…

I was left by the school bus today… the only day I go home at four. Can you believe that? The only time I can go home at four, and I can’t? That is really annoying. I was rather dauntless to decide to go back to the library, though I determined that when I actually arrived there.

Some of them were there. I know it. The moment I entered the library, they glanced at me and looked away, continuing their english research (bummer, I haven’t done mine…). Some of my friends were there, thank God. I can’t decide whether to leave or to do what I decided to do there. I thought quickly, and I said to myself, “What the heck?” So I went by them, about to greet, but instead I just looked at the books, seeing their faces anticipating what was to happen. Magnimoniously, they didn’t mind. But it seems like they did, only when I left their table. I headed straight down the English Literature and Supplementary Books for English section. I picked up a few books, headed down the corridor and sat by a table with many chairs and a fan on top of me – I like to take advantage of the cold air in the library. I then realized that I was facing their table. As some of my female friends say: OH EHM GEE! I felt absurd. So I stood up, I left the books on the table and headed down the Literature section to grab some books. I found some books that will help me with my future as a writer. A book about World History, some books on Book analysis and stuff. I went back and sat down, and finally, I began to read Canterbury tales. I saw them glancing at me from time to time. I didn’t mind. I will stand my ground. Although I know that they are trying to ostracize me, I just look at it in another way. Bwahahaha. I found myself insecure during that time.

After a few hours, i saw one of my friends stand up from their table and headed down to me. She told me that she joined me because she pitied me for being alone there. I didn’t really think myself to be alone, but I considered being comforted. So i allowed her. She was doing her hobby, drawing. We kind of chatted about Ragnarok Online, how I got banned because of nothing and how her brother got banned too.

When we decided to leave, since it was already five o’ clock, I borrowed some of the books and returned the others and hurried off to go out of the library.

Just like today, a rainy day, where there were a lot of water puddles in the CWS – Cardinal William Square. I arrived at school dry, but when time passed I got wet. I tried dodging the rain in the library, and I was somehow successful.

My friend admitted to me something. She said that the reason she left their table was because she didn’t like their way of making fun of me. So I learned that THEY WERE MAKING FUN OF ME. Hopefully, about three to four of them didn’t, since I placed my trust in them. I didn’t get offended, since I already knew of their objective the moment I started introducing myself to the class during the first few days of classes. Heck, they will definitely not succeed. HAH!

As I waited for my bus, I came to a conclusion, yes a conclusion not an inference, that I actually survived the rain – for now.


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