Farewells with Disappointments


“Nothing lasts forever.”

No. This is not a post saying that I am going to quit blogging – I already have about five previous blogs, all of which I did not continue managing and updating. Anyhow, I have a farewell to say, and a farewell to the future – which would hopefully not come true.

The first farewell is for my trumpet. Sayonara, good friend. I am transferring on to the clarinets. This is so because of my health – I can’t keep up with your greatness. You’re just too hard for my lungs, but I enjoyed my stay with you. I really hope to be able to play you again – the last time I will play you will be on the flag retreat this friday, but I will start playing the clarinet by saturday. You will probably fall to the hands of Kean or Chesca Lorico, whoever chooses you. It was fun, even though we had troubles – your fa is just too annoying.

The second farewell is for my dad. Hopefully I do not have to say this personally. It has been a while when my mom keeps complaining about my dad. She never tells him, because he’s stubborn as a rock. We all hate his personality, but he is our dad. We have no right to disrespect him. I hope, that I will not have to live the day my mom files a divorce – hopefully she won’t.

That’s pretty much all of the things that I have to say goodbye to, for now on. Hopefully, there wouldn’t be much more in the future.



This is a second part of my post… YEAH.

We’re being asked to memorize the mission vision of our school – which is a complete bummer. It is a loser thing for us students to do. I don’t see the point of memorizing the whole thing just because PAASCU is coming and we have to be accredited. WHY THE HELL DO WE HAVE TO HAVE IT MEMORIZED? Shouldn’t we just be aware of it? Is that not enough? There aren’t really any good reasons for this purpose. This whole thing is completely unreasonable. PLUS –  I don’t see why math has anything to do with this. Homeroom is enough, but math? HELLO!?


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