Hurrah! Classes are suspended today starting at 11:00 pm for high school students! Yehey! That’s good! I had a fun day today… we finished watching the movie “Excalibur” in English, did something kinda fun during ccf and did almost nothing furing social studies. Hahaha. That was fun. We had lunch, then the classes got suspended. YEAH!

I, Joanne and Raiyne decided to commute instead, so we can leave already and not wait until 1:00 pm. Hahaha. So we had a stopover at Quickly and got drinks, one for each of us. Hahaha. I ordered Choco Loco Super. I treated Joanne, since she doesn’t bring pocket money. Anyhow, we headed straight to Raiyne’s house to hang out.

We watched Phantom of the Opera, the older version. It was… freaky. The way Erik Destler removes the dead skin and replaces it with the skin he got from the people he killed… gah. Ridiculously “ewwy” scenes.

Afterwards, we used her computer to play online games, not so much really. We kept talking and talking. :))

Later, we ate Arroz Caldo – oh so delicious. Whoo. We went back to the pc to continue playing and watching videos in YouTube. We left the house at 4:30 pm.

Oh, I met Lindsay, the dog. I was also able to get a peek at Raiyne’s scrapbook containing letters and pictures regarding her and her boyfriend, Ivan.

Well, that’s how my day went, with not much homeworks in mind, I can be free for today. Whee!


P.S. It wasn’t even storming.


BLOG UPDATE: Added Chamberwinds and Lara to Blogroll. šŸ™‚


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