No Classes

As I woke up this morning, I looked at the clock and saw that I am already late for school – my bus will arrive in thirty minutes. I jumped up and hurried off to the baths. I changed clothes to a red shirt and a pair of maong pants. I ran down the stairs and had breakfast. As I was gulping in water from my glass, I remembered something – we don’t have school today.

I went back up and changed clothes. I kind of got frustrated with it. Hahaha. It’s my fault I didn’t remind myself about it. Considering that it is raining today.

Anyways… All I did today was to install programs and watch TV. I also watched Camp Rock, but it wasn’t my type… it was good… but not really that good but I did enjoy watching it… “Cause we rock!”

I also designed my CCF homework, so that all I have to do is to redraw it on the spot. I am still going to buy a 1/8 illustration board, though. I am also starting my math homework, and I really hate it. I hate math the most. Oh well… that’s all I have to say for today, I am going to continue watching Bokura ga Ita in crunchyroll now. Hahaha… I am still in episode 7. 🙂


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