Results, results!

Chemistry – 61/110. Passing: 55. Level: not-my-usual-outputs

Math (Geometry) – 82/125. Passing: 63. Level: my-usual-outputs

English – 62/100. Passing: 50. Level: absurd-and-unusual-output

Filipino – 64/90 or 64/100. Passing: 45-50. Level: for 90: my-usual-outputs. for 100: not-my-usual-outputs

AP – 84/150. Passing: 75. Level: not-my-usual-outputs.

Computer – 99/110. Passing: 55. Level: above-usual-outputs.

CCF – 89/140. Passing: 70. Level: not-my-usual-outputs.

TLE – 66/90. Passing: 45. Level: my-usual-outputs.

I am not sure about the overalls, but that is how my results look like. Horrendous to some, Satsifying for many. I really don’t know but… these are not-so-bad, not-so-good scores. I could do with it, but there is this feeling of disappointment. I studied hard for the exams, but these are the grades that I could come up with? It really bothers me how my scores came out. Though I could live with it, disappointment kept sitting by my side, but now I am doing perfectly fine. I just don’t know what to do now. My usual study habit that I always use that always works out before, which gives me an average of 80/100 per exam, gave me this. Maybe third year high school is that life changing.

If you can see, the “not-my-usual-outputs” are dominant in the results chart. This refers to my usual outputs for first quarterly exams every year, which is usually at the maximum of 35 mistakes. I definitely have to change my study habit. It really is annoying to get so down low. But hey, there’s still more quarters to come!

Here is my resolution: I will do better. I SHALL DO BETTER. If I don’t, screw me. That’s a bet. Wait until the next quarterly exam. Babawi din ako.


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