Filipino Week Preparation

Hey guys! I will file all of the things that happened on the road to Linggo ng Wika (Week of the Language).

August 14, 2008

Start of the rehearsals (the ones I attended in).  Ida and I made the headress for the Katutubong Kasuotan (Native’s Clothing), a fashion show where students are tasked to make a pair of clothing, one for a man and another for a woman, using recycled materials. Oh, goodness. Recycling materials is really hard, since most of them are old, gritty and worthless. You have to transform it into another paper, but then, why not save the additional effort especially that the deadline is already nearing. We finished the necklace and the headress (though, not yet painted). Go, team!

August 16, 2008

Well, nothing really happened. I just helped paint the centerpiece for the banderitas (paper decors) competition. Islau has a very nice house. *nods in agreement*. I think the tour we took to go to Islau’s place, more often called as ‘crib’, was the confusion whether we go to Joanne’s house or his. It was very hard to discern, especially I and my companions, btw… thanks for the ride, Yssa! and thanks for the company, AnLo and Lexi!, know that we should go to Joanne’s and we should go to Islau’s. We all ended up being justified by Islau himself.

August 19, 2008

Wah. Their practices are cancelled all because of the Filipino spams of homework. T_T *sigh*. Ida and I still stayed with Daniel, and some other people. Thanks, Daniel for the help! I didn’t know if you did hear me before, so I am saying it now. Hahaha. Thanks, Ida for the ride! Thanks also for the Baked Macaroni.. it tasted good. All we did today was the foil-on-garbage bag pasting activity. Then we went home. Oh well.

August 20, 2008

Supposed that we have a practice and prop-making today… but all we ever did was the banderitas (some of it) and stapled some of the foil on the garbage bag since classes were suspended. Yey, I can play DOMO!

P.S. See you in the next world, Tito Ruben.

August 21, 2008

At long last! Shirra’s body costume is done! Although we still have to do some renovations with the skirt, but hey.. It’s better than having nothing. We’ll be focusing on Islau’s costume tomorrow. We’re going to school at 1 through 5 pm on our free day. We’ll try to finish everything that is meant to be done, but we’d like to finish everything by tomorrow so we can help out with the banderitas. Ahahaha. Unfortunately, the original bahag (cloth covering) got ruined because of my carelessness with it. The glue spilled all over the bahag. At least we were able to make a new one, and it is actually better.

Congratulations to Michaella Aldea for competing and still unknown if won in the Biglaang Talumpatian (Sudden Oration) competition! You gave your best and that’s what matters.

August 22, 2008

BANDERITAS MAKING. Wow. nice sun. sun looks like a sun. :)). The sun is the centerpiece, if you are wondering. Anyway, Ida and I are about to be finished with the Katutubong Kasuotan of Shirra and Islau. Hurrah! We’re about to be done! We’re gonna be finished by Wednesday, since Tuesday wouldn’t be an ideal time because there is gonna be a lot of events – mass, etc. etc. Considering that this is our FREE DAY, we didn’t have any free time since we arrived by club time – which was then cancelled to give way for the banderitas making. Hahaha. So it was like we just skipped the first four subjects plus lunch. LOL.


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