Linggo ng Wika

Waaah! it is already here! (actually, since yesterday… i forgot to post it here.. hahah!). I am not that nervous or excited about it, though. I’m just happy that it is finally here – all of the practices are about to arrive an end. Hahaha. It seems that Patatas in Pyjamas (our own store – we sell C2, Hash brown, Mojos, Twister Fries, and Mashed Potato <i think>) is a big hit. Hahaha. I’ll tell you everything on the daily breakdown:

August 25, 2008

The day was started with an inculturated mass. Unfortunately, I was unable to understand most of the mass since I don’t attend Filipino masses – I prefer the English ones. Afterwards, the gateway is finally opened for use! Thank goodness! We now have a shortcut to the gymnasium! Hurrah! Afterwards, we were given time to explore the Hanap-Gimik expo, then back to the classroom for KAMPISE (Kamayan at Pistahan sa Seton). I brought pancit palabok, which got emptied almost immediately – I was not even able to get my own part of the serving. T_T. I love the Maja Blanca! It tastes so good! Anyway, we did practices and prop/costume making during the free time alloted for us. Then we all went home with satisfied, happy and wasted faces.

August 27, 2008

Supposedly there are no classes today because the fourth years are taking their NCAE (National College Admissions Examination) but we still did since we have to polish and finalize everything by tomorrow – the day of the competitions. We also continued selling in our store. Hahaha. Wish us luck tomorrow!!

August 28, 2008

Whoo!! This is great! We won Second Place in the awit-galaw and did not win anything at all for the costume (Katutubong Kasuotan). But it is ok. We got the audience awestruck anyway. :)).

August 29, 2008

Palarong Pinoy. I got default in Pilantikan (Target Shooting) because of my fellow players – I was the ONLY one there – and won second for Kwarta sa Noo (Coin on the forehead). That’s good enough for me. 😀

So.. that’s it! That’s all we had for our Language Week. Hahaha. It is a lot more fun then rather than being told here. I’ll miss my daily Quickly… T_T.


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