Automated PROGRESS Report Card

Today was the day when the teachers distribute our report cards – the cards that could spell out doom or heaven for us students. It all started with a late school bus – it was almost quarter to seven when our car passed by my school bus – then I rode along with it. Unfortunately, there was traffic (sign #1). We had to take the Marcos-Alvares Route. We arrived at 7:15 – five minutes before the time in. After all the subjects – Filipino came. It rained hard outside (sign #2). It stopped for a while then rained again. The winds blew so hard, the trees swayed with it. When Chemistry came – One hour was provided for the discussion and the rest for the ARC distribution. After the discussion, we were terrified of Ms. Mutya entering the AVR. There she was… carrying all the fresh cards in her hand. When I recieved my Report Card this was what was written on it:

Effective Leadership Skills 4

Wholesome Followership Role 4

Active Participation at Group Work 4

Seriousness of Purpose in All Activities 4

Integration of Values Acquired 4

Integration of Skills Learned 4

Active Sharing of Personal Views and Ideas 4

High Standards of Personal Discipline; Pertinent to Following Rules and Regulations 4

Self-directedness 4

Productive Use of Time 4

Highest Level of Excellence at Work 4

Practical Recycling Skills 4

Creativity and Resourcefulness 4

Completion of Work 4

(5 is highest.. 1 is lowest. :D)

WHOOO!!! What a great Values Promoted batch of scores!! These are the best Values grade I have ever gotten all my life! Let’s celebrate!!

Filipino 88

English 86

Science and Technology 84

Mathematics 81

Catholic Christian Formation 84

Araling Panlipunan 87

Technology & Livelihood Education 88

Computer Education 92

M.A.P.E.H. 93

General Average: 86.90 [87.00]

I gave of a heavy sigh… a sigh of relief. It wasn’t all bad. Of course, they ARE low.. but hey, they weren’t failing grades. I passed the first quarter! Six out of eight grades were ideal to me. The three remaining – I have to work harder. I don’t care about this anyway. It doesn’t matter at all. I don’t even care about it at first. It wasn’t worth looking at. Heck, I like looking at the Values Promoted – to see how I REALLY improved. Of course, I should put consideration to my academics. I’ll make a bet with you. I’ll get all of my lines of 8 (except Chemistry and Math – I am really sure I cannot surpass the best ones here.)  to a line of 9. If not, I be damned.

it’s a good thing my parents took it well. They said it is only the first quarter. There’s still the second. I WILL do better. I promise.

By the way… Happy Christmas!! (105 days ’til Christmas!!)


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