I feel happy. The evanescence of the shortcomings seem to have passed now. I feel complete bliss. I have no intentions of suffrage or any other condition. Though, physically I am ill, I am very healthy deep inside. I do not care for all that has been influencing my life now. As long as I am happy like this, I would no longer long for anything else.

LOL. random thought up ^.

It’s been a long time since i have blogged. I feel sorry for myself. I’ve been working on chapter five of spring between two winters. Hopefully people will like it the way they liked the previous chapters. Get Hooked!

Anyway… Academic Week is already nearing. I can feel it. The very moment that my classmates announced the activities that we’re going to tackle this year for the academic week made me shiver. I am the costumes head for AP dance, Costumes head for English play, head for Music for English Play, head for music for our small english presentation. What else is coming? The play for our Filipino? Why must the language classes hold plays for the academic week?

Stress simply comes to me these days. Considering the fact that the quarterly exams are coming. WAAH! I’m failngin Geometry! Wish me luck! I am not in the mood to blog right now. Sorry. I’ll try to do so soon.

If only life can be easier and more fair.


1) Filipino Homework – Pang-Abay

2) English Play Background Music

3) English Play Costumes

4) English Presentation Music

5) AP Dance Costumes

6) Study for Geom Quiz

7) Study for Quarterly Exams

8) Attend Chamberwinds Practice every Saturday

9) Finish ‘Spring Between Two Winters’

*Yep.. I am fully-booked.


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