Quarterly Exams.

Wow. I don’t believe this. Second quarter’s about to end!! WAAH! Time to make my own reviewers. But then I also grabbed some from iman. Thanks, IMAN!! Anyway.. I have no plans to study.. even for the remaining time this weekend. Waah! I still can’t believe it! It’s already the quarterly exams and I haven’t done any schoolwork this weekend. What? Am I gonna stress myself out all over again? NOO!! I am gonna do all my homeworks by today. Yes! I will finish them all!

Something very unfortunate happened though. Sir Peter got mad at us again. T_T. I really don’t want for this to continue but our (SDS) acts always disappoint everyone. Well, considering the fact that my classmates are trying too hard to be united, which is clearly not, we (although, I am sure I am not) tend to be plastic with each other – not forgetting with our teachers too. We are just too insensitive. We can’t seem to make out what is proper.I am very sorry, sir Peter.

I started to plurk, btw! I added a new link. check it out! It’s my plurk. I’ll try to update it everyday to get my karma up!

I am also planning to launch a new ‘Spring Between Two Winters’ site. I’m thinking whether multiply or wordpress will host it. Hmmm… Wish me luck!

Hopefully, I will be able to be perked up for this quarter’s exams. 1st sem’s about to end! Whoo!

Wish me luck!!

*I had McDo for breakfast. yumm.. =d
*I’m gonna finish Pride and Prejudice and start reading Twilight. =)
*I am excited about our new computer. AT LONG LAST! (It’s coming by next week’s Sunday.)


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