WAAAH!! Exams na!!

Day 1 – English, CCF, Filipino (Christian Morality, our topic in CCF, and Noli Me Tangere, the novel by Jose Rizal, are our topics for these tests. – italicized phrases are appositive.)

Well… I started the day with a smile on my face- hindi ako nagpuyat para sa mga test na ito and confident ako na alam ko na lahat ng dapat kong malaman para sa mga test na ito. Ang saya nga eh.. parang review lang talaga ang ginawa ko nung gabi. Whee.

Overall, the tests were shockingly easy – for me. Although the Reproductive Health Bill kind of got on my nerves… =)

I am finished studying Computer and Chemistry by 8:00 pm! I started at 4:00 pm!! =) This is good.. but I am not confident about computer. =(

Day 2 – Computer and Chemistry. cout<<“(The Carbon 2 combination)”;

Yess! My studies paid off! Although the problem solving in chem and the programming in comp kind of got me mixed up. LOL.  =) but it is ok. I did my best anyway.

Day 3 – AP, Math, TLE (Debit and Credit: Failing grade in math, passing grade in Ap).

WHAT DA HELL?? Was that math? It seems like all of the things that I studied weren’t there. I hate math. I am now a certified math-hater. What was that? I don’t believe it! The usual mathematic test routine was the quizzes are hard, quarterly exam is easy – Easy enough for the students to pass! But hell, now it isn’t! =(

AP was good. Flawless.

TLE, I am not sure. I think my balance was wrong I just hope that Balance sheets and income statements get extra points (We were only tasked to do the Trial Balance). I got 603,—.– (I forgot the exact number). I am positive that I am wrong.

Oh well. All’s well ends well… I hope. =)

We’re gonna check them next week. At least exams are finally over.


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