Long Time No Post

As in very long. The last post I posted here was during the last day of our quarterly exams for the second quarter of the first semester. Now it’s almost the end of the first quarter of the second semester! That was a long time of no posting! Too many events to say!!

1. I just like to say that I love the new dashboard. Good work, WordPress!

2. I already have a plurk account. Visit plurk here. It’s very fun. Try it.

3. I haven’t finished reading Pride and Prejudice. So much for fulfilling my promises and goals. Good thing my teacher gave us time this Christmas Vacation. Hopefully I finish reading it before January 4, 2009.

4. Merry Christmas! 🙂

5. Happy New Year!

6. I became a choreographer for our Academic Week performance for Araling Panlipunan (History and Social Studies). We performed the Brazilian Samba. Boy, it was a hard dance to do! Sweat escapes your pores every twist of your body. It’s a good thing that my classmates were able to do the basics. If not, we’re dead. Unfortunately we did not win any place but I feel that we’re winners, because being able to study the dance in a short period of time is a great accomplishment. Go SDS!

7. I am also the director of the batch production Henry VIII – the dating game. It was hard to keep up with my hectic schedule for the Academic Week, practise here, practise there. Gah! Thank heaven’s it is already done with! The play itself was a success, mind you.

8. I am the costume designer and sounds man of our play for the Academic Week, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This time, it’s for English. It was one hell of a performance. Comments were good and nothing went wrong. It was truly fantastic.

9. I had fun in the Exerscience!

10. Our math quiz bee was a blast. I think. I was the choreographer for the ushers which was pathetic because we ended up with freestyle. LOL. Anyway, I helped ushering the contestants. It was themed as an auction. A great theme, but the audience don’t know how to auction. Too bad. It was supposed to be a fun quiz bee.

11. I was a contestant in the CCF quiz bee. Waah!! I didn’t prepare for it! Two days before the contest was it announced. I am so pissed. I didn’t pass the eliminations…

12. We didn’t win a single thing this Academic Week (as a team) but individuals got it. Yeah!

13. We had a play in Filipino – Sistema ni Propesor Tuko last friday, December 5, 2008. We got high scores and very good comments! 100, 96, 93 and an 87! Wow! Great scores, considering that the audience, fourth year students, loved it even! I was the costume designer, props man, set design, advertising manager (asst.), and program editor! WHOOO!!!

14. Exams are next week.

15. This is the last week for the third quarter. No classes on December 8 and December 1!! Whee!! No PE!

There you have it, guys.  15 events to tell you from the past few days where I did not post anything. Hope you get updated with these 15 events!!

*I really love the new dashboard.

“There is but one key to the hearts of everyone – a smile”
– Anonymous


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