Survey #01 (grabbed from Iman)

What shall I call you?
– Stephen. 😀
Promise not to get offended?
– Yep.
Great! Any last words? (Muahahaha!):
– Uhmm…

Personal Life
How’s life treaten’ ya? Hm?
– great. i get to experience both ups and downs. only thing i can ask for is a free ticket around the world. 😀
Are you happy with your life right now?
– Yep. ’nuff said.
What could make it better, even if you are?
-Uhmm, peace on earth and a library filled with all the books ever published right next door. :))
Who do you live with?
– Mom, Dad, Sister, helper, doggies (jewel and dipper)
How do you feel about this?
– uhmm… fine?
Do you have a history of traumatic events in your life?
How is school?
– it’s fine, thanks.
Do you have lots of friends?
– yeah.
How do people generally perceive you?
-I really don’t know.
How do you generally perceive people?
– I am open for anyone. 🙂
Are you a bitter person?
– Never unless its worth the time.
Do you easily get jealous of people?
– I don’t think so.
How do you channel your anger?
– I release it. :))
How well do you trust others?
– I don’t.

Your Appearance
Do you think you are attractive?
– no.
Why or why not?
– cause i am unattractive. eheheh.
What is your favorite physical feature?
– none. i hate the physical me.
Why do you choose this, above all?
– i didn’t.
What do you think of your eyes?
– it’s good.
Do you like the person you see in the mirror?
– no.
Do you have a nice body?
– no.
Have you ever been happy with your appearance?
– no.
What about unhappy?
– uhmm… wrong grammar.
Has anyone ever called you ugly?
– no.
Do you think you’re ugly?
– yes.
How important is appearance to you?
– it reflects yourself. but it doesn’t have standards.
What three major things would you change about your appearance?
– pimples, nose and probably my body shape.
Why do you choose these three things?
– cause i want to change them.

Friends and Social Life
Let’s be vague. In general, do you like people?
– yes.
Do you have a high or low tolerance for stupidity?
– Low but i have high patience and i am open-minded.
Are you acceptant of others’ beliefs?
– yup.
Do you think you have lots of friends?
– i think so. but at times i dont think they’re my friends at all.
What do you think of the friends you do have?
– they’re fantastic.
Do you have a best friend?
– yep. two of ’em.
How long have you known this person?
– one is 16 years the other 9 years.
Are they like a brother/sister to you?
– yes for the first, the other not so much.
Are you shy?
– Yes.
Have you been hurt by people?
– Everyone is.
Have you ever intentionally hurt anyone, physically or emotionally?
– No. Actually, before yeah.
Why or why not?
– It just happens.

First off, have you ever had sex?
– no.
Does your religion oppose sex?
– If it is pre-marital and if it was done immorally.
What are your personal feelings on sex?
– none.
Are you straight, bisexual, or homosexual?
– straight. period.
Are you sure?
– YES.
Have you ever experimented with the same sex?
– No and never. even if you say never say never.
Did you like it (if yes) … Why not (if no)?
– i didn’t do it.
Do you like sex or is it not appealing to you?
– Not right for me yet.
Does it frustrate you when people talk about it?
– Sort of. It’s just not a topic meant to be talked about.
Is it a subject that makes you uncomfortable?
– Yes.

The things no one likes to talk about! (Touchy questions ahead.)
Has someone close to you ever died?
– yes.
Do you think about suicide?
– did. but not now.
Have you ever tried to commit suicide?
– yes. but it’s wrong.
What are your feelings on cutters?
– they’re sharp.
Do you suffer from Clinical Depression?
– what’s that?
Do you have an STD?
– NO!
Do you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol?
– No.
Why or why not?
– They are not good.

Last Questions
Did this quiz make you uncomfortable?
– No.
Were you honest?
– Yes.
Are you happy it’s over?
– Not really.


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